Subsurface Exploration

3Dsoil provides a multitude of subsurface exploration capabilities that can be applied for a variety of field applications.

3Dsoil is specialized in innovative geophysical investigations focusing on the application. As each project is unique, a specific approach will be developed to achieve the objective in a cost and time efficient manner. There will be worked towards a comprehensive investigation and imaging of the subsoil.

2D & 3D Modelling

3Dsoil possesses a multitude of geophysical prospection techniques to map the subsurface in high resolution. By integrating multiple signals, both the shallow and deeper subsoil (up to a depth of 6-7 m) can be reconstructed two- or three-dimensionally.

Analysis & Interpretation

3Dsoil translates the results of advanced geophysical techniques into understandable solutions for problems lacking knowledge of the subsurface.

3Dsoil has extensive experience in the integration of complementary near-surface geophysical signals and translate the findings to fulfill the either pedological, archaeological, geological, hydrogeological or environmental purposes.